Strategy above all else. Extensive market knowledge combined with experience

At PLATINUMSEASON we offer a vast range of solutions just for you

Because our aim is to offer a consultancy service tailored to your needs, we opted to offer an entire network of solutions to ensure a one-stop service. That way, you can count on PLATINUMSEASON to deal with all aspects of your real estate investment.

Market Research

The work developed by our specialist team ensures great results, namely when it comes to a high engagement rate form different types of property owners.  Our solutions are tailored to each of our clients together with the services we are able to provide.

Legal Support

We will take care of all the legal paperwork, be it related with the Golden Visa or any other issue. Our dedicated team works together with some of the best real estate lawyers in Portugal so that no problem will be too difficult to solve.

Administrative Solutions

We take care of the entire administrative process for national or international (Europe) investment . Choosing us means you do not have to worry about bureaucracy!

Marketing Strategy

Because we understand that marketing is the root of all business success, we have developed unique strategies and have adapted to the needs and specifications of each of our clients in order to maximize business potential.

Investment Solutions

We offer consultation services and advisement about the solutions we believe to be best suited to your investment needs. We consider geographical location, type and condition of the property and, naturally, we never forget to take into account market trends.

Feasibility Plans

We carry out real estate investment plans of the property, as well as the associated businesses, current or for future endeavors.

Asset management

This is a service designed for all our investors, so they can enjoy total peace of mind when it comes to their investments. We guarantee the management of your assets, whether in the short or long term.


Also thinking of our investors, we also provide solutions should you opt to resell your assets. If your aim is to find a buyer for a recently purchased property, we are more than happy to provide a healthy list of possibilities and help you navigate the waters.

Look no further, we have it all!

PLATINUMSEASON seeks only the very best investment opportunities, which is why our properties are unique and are not available on other platforms. Part of the PSL guarantee is our incredible network of contacts that allows us to be the first to get where it matters the most.

Detached Homes

The best solution for those who seek the quiet and the discretion of an independent residence.


All the comfort of Lisbon's best areas at your disposal. Ideal for those who enjoy the dynamics of city life.


Properties that stand out for the safety and comfort of a gated community with luxurious facilities.


For customers who want to find investment and monetization solutions


Whether you are looking for investment solutions or simply the prefect place to set up your company's headquarters, we can find it for you!

Commercial Spaces

Because we understand the importance of finding the right space and location for your business plan.

Industrial Spaces

Here you will find what you need to put your industrial plan into practice


If you are looking for something more unique to design the ideal property

At PLATINUMSEASON we understand that no two customers are alike. That’s why, in addition to developing all these solutions, we have a dedicated team that offers adequate answers to each of our client’s needs.



Our vast experience allows us to better understand the needs of companies that are willing to invest or acquire real estate in Portugal. We work with our partners throughout the process, whether as a professional activity or as  an opportunity to relocate your business.



We help private investors to obtain the best return on their investment, whether they plan on buying their home or  just finding the safest place to invest their savings.

Golden Visa


Due to a close relationship with Macau and mainland China, we are in a privileged position to accompany and advise all those interested in investing in our country. From translation services to tax and legal solutions, we are by your side throughout the entire process.

Non-Permanent Residents

With an increase in the demand for clients that have Non-Permanent resident status, PLATINUM has developed solutions for those that, despite holding Portuguese nationality, do not reside in the country permanently. These include translation services and bureaucratic support, both of them often necessary to solve relevant issues with your investment in the country.

It’s simple, just let us know what you need!