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At PLATINUMSEASON we believe that real estate is one of the soundest investments to be made. We also believe that your portfolio deserves to be managed by a team who understands the market and knows where to find the best opportunities. We add to our vast experience the drive of wanting to do better by our clients and their investment on every turn.

With your success in mind and guided by our core values of INNOVATION, INTEGRITY and SUSTAINABILITY, nothing is able to slow us down when it comes to reaching your goals.

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We have access to properties such as houses, apartment buildings, townhouses, and vacation homes that you can chose to purchase with the intent of living or as an investment for reselling or renting.


If you’re thinking of opening you’re own shop for business or wish to invest in shopfronts for leasing, at PLATINUMSEASON you will find the best properties in the market.


Our dedicated tem will search for the best commercial spaces, be it for retail or offices, where one can invest to rent out or even purchase for their own usage.


At PLATINUMSEASON we can find anything from industrial warehouses leased to firms as distribution centres over long-term agreements to storage units, and other special purposes real estate that generates sales from customers who temporarily use the facility. 

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We know that more than an investment a house is meant to be a home. Specialising in high-end and luxury properties, PLATINUMSEASON chooses what to showcase carefully, selecting only the very best.  So, when it comes time to present our options to you, it will not feel like a waste of time. when it comes to important life decisions, we understand that less is often more.

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